Will NFL "unfinished business" follow Jim Harbaugh's national title?

Thanks to Jim Harbaugh, his alma mater is now the undisputed champion in college football. When this one fails, will he try to climb an even higher one?

After leading Michigan to the national title in his ninth season at the helm, Jim Harbaugh is sure to be interested in returning to the NFL. He has mentioned that he had "unfinished business" in the professional game. Getting the Super Bowl trophy would mean more to him than his performance today.

One of the most sought-after prospects for a position in the NFL is sure to be him. He was hotter in 2023 when he interviewed with the Broncos and in 2022 when he thought the Vikings would hire him.

He had employment offers from the Chargers last year. However, the Chargers remained unchanged. This time, there is an opening for a position.

A new head coach is also on the hunt for the Raiders. More than twenty years ago, Harbaugh began his coaching career there in the role of assistant. The Panthers, Falcons, and Commanders are among the other clubs who are now seeking. Keeping him would be of importance to Michigan as well. He'll be presented with more choices than before.

And with good cause. He is a good coach. In 2011, he promptly turned the 49ers around. Plus, he's doing very well in the NIL age, when it's more difficult for players to set "I" aside and concentrate on "team."

Does he make it difficult to get along? Yes. There are a lot of excellent coaches. Their demands are high. They don't want to wait. Being victorious is their goal. They look for teammates who are just as committed to the cause and who share their passion for victory.

Even when things become heated, smart clubs retain coaches like that on staff. Regardless all the peculiarities that have made his time in Michigan everything but carefree and entertaining, the state has managed to hold on to him for the past nine years. Someone in the NFL will be interested in him. He will succeed, according to past results. Once again