what healthcare systems are good for:

Enhancement of Health Outcomes: When people are able to get the treatment they need when they need it, the healthcare system as a whole performs better, which in turn lowers death rates and increases life expectancy.

The primary goal of healthcare systems is to promote healthier populations by lowering the occurrence of illnesses through preventive treatment, immunizations, screenings, and health education.

All people, regardless of their socioeconomic situation, should be able to easily access healthcare services in a well-planned healthcare system. This promotes health equity.

Healthcare systems maximize the use of available resources by minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency in meeting the requirements of the population.

Medical research, technology developments, and treatment improvements are all supported by healthcare systems, which in turn enhance healthcare practices and the results for patients.

Comprehensive care for chronic diseases is provided by effective healthcare systems, which also give patients ongoing assistance and treatment of their long-term health difficulties.

Public health emergencies, making sure healthcare systems are ready, and reacting to crises like pandemics or natural disasters require coordinated actions, and healthcare systems are vital for this.

The reduction of healthcare expenditures caused by avoidable diseases and the maintenance of a productive workforce are two ways in which a healthy population helps the economy flourish.