Three dead were discovered by a volunteer search group in a vehicle that was submerged in a retention pond in South Florida.

The skeletal remains of three individuals have been discovered in a vehicle that was recovered from a retention pond in South Florida, according to a group of sonar aficionados who are volunteers.

A Facebook post said Sunshine State Sonar, a volunteer organization, informed Sunrise Police of their Saturday finding while searching for a car in connection with a missing women cold case.

Sonar reported three bodies in the automobile in a 24-foot retention pond in front of Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunshine.

In a statement released on Monday, Sunrise Police agency spokesperson Otishia Browning-Smith stated that the agency assisted in removing the Oldsmobile from the pond.

She stated that she was unable to confirm the number of victims that were found in the vehicle; however, she did mention that the investigation is still open and ongoing, and that the remains are being tested to assist in determining the identities of the deceased.

The case of a missing lady that had been unsolved for more than thirteen years was finally solved by Sunshine State Sonar last week when they discovered her in a retention pond close to Disney.

The organization employs sonar to detect automobiles in the bodies of water in Florida and then dives into the water to determine whether or not the vehicles contain human remains or if they match cases of missing individuals.

The body of a middle school teacher from Florida who had been missing for almost two and a half years was discovered in April. The instructor was 70 years old. His automobile was nearly entirely immersed in a canal that was hidden by dense vegetation.

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