This article is a discussion among five men on the reasons that drove them to tell their girlfriends, "I love you."

To be really forthright, there is no proper or improper moment to declare your love to another person. Express yourself freely if you're feeling it.

We asked a few males to take a minute to talk about the time when they thought it was appropriate for them to communicate how they feel about the person they love. This is what they had to say about it:

Things of a materialistic kind never impress me as a man. When individuals show consideration and make an effort with their gifts and connections, it warms my heart. My now-wife, who was formerly my lover, was masterful at manipulating me into falling for her.

She showed her feelings for me through the most appropriate actions. And I was the one who initially said, "I love you," since she gave me an overwhelming sense of self-worth that she continues to this day!

Love was unclear to me for a long time. Before meeting my ex-girlfriend and feeling instant chemistry and connection, I didn't understand. I said 'I love you' after a month of talking. She felt the same then, thankfully. Few years later, we split. I don't regret my time with her."

Most aggravating person in my life is my girlfriend! But all her moods make me happy. I said 'I love you' to her for the first time when she continued bothering me and I didn't mind. Because I adore her!"

I consider my girlfriend my best buddy and accomplice. She understands me like no one else. I practically slipped 'I love you' to her when I realized no one would understand me as she does. This felt perfect."

I was meeting my wife earlier. We were honest about giving each other time to decide if we should marry despite the arrangement. Our friendship got so comfortable that I couldn't resist telling her how I felt. One lovely night, I took her out. I told her 'I love you' after considering marriage. She had a big smile and bright eyes. Naturally, she answered promptly!"

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