There are a variety of different kinds of relationships that may be ended through the use of breakup SMS.

Some find getting to know someone difficult, but breaking up is harder. Ghosting someone appears easy today, but you can do better.

Breakup messages aren't hurtful and will provide you both closure. Send these breakup messages to terminate any relationship.

Your date with this cute guy who appeared relaxed and enjoyable over messages was a boring. You don't like him and want to break up after the first date.

You may send a message that reads, "Thank you for the drinks and dinner that you provided last night." But if I'm being completely honest, I don't think this is the best match for me. Even so, I hope that your future dates are wonderful.

You and this girl have dated 4-5 times. You're trying hard to find chemistry but can't. Text this to terminate things "You're pleasant and I like meeting you. I don't think we're more than buddies. Thank you for your time and best wishes on your journey."

Longtime date charms you. His rude behavior comes when you expect a future with him. You prefer ending things than dealing with this for your future. You can send this, but your conduct disturbs me. It's vicious and unpleasant. I doubt we're compatible. Future success to you."

You two had talked sometime. You lose interest when this person doesn't want to visit you and gives up. Finish everything without prolonged virtual talks. Send "Thanks for talking. Chatting is hard for getting to know someone. Right now, we're not compatible. Probably never want to meet. Finish. I hope you find someone soon."

You and this man are having fun on dates. He usually brings up his ex, and you're not interested. You shouldn't date someone who's still thinking about an ex. Text "Hey, as I get to know you better, it's clear you're not ready for a new individual. I hope you can move on from your past and find happiness."

Be on the lookout for any specific alterations that may occur.