The practice of sharing pictures of food on Instagram has been demonstrated to increase the likelihood of a person gaining weight.

People who post photos of their food on Instagram with the intention of sharing it with others are more prone to overeat, which can have an effect on their waistline and cause them to gain weight, according to a recent study.

A survey was conducted, and the results showed that over seventy percent of millennials frequently upload images of food that they intend to consume before actually eating it.

Diners who snapped photos of their food and shared them on social media reported feeling fuller for longer, according to research out of the United States' Georgia Southern University. They were more inclined to take a second helping because of it.

Previous research has shown that posting photos of food on social media improves its flavor because people's sense of smell and taste are more strongly stimulated when they take a photograph.

The researchers in the recent study split 145 undergraduates into two groups, as detailed in the journal Appetite. Each group got a platter of cheese crackers to snack on, but half of them were instructed to pause and snap a photo beforehand.

Not long after they had consumed the food, the participants were questioned about how much they like it and whether or not they would like to consume more of it.

In terms of satisfaction and want for more, those who snapped had a better score. Researchers found that capturing pictures of food made people crave it more and altered their brain's perception of it.

In order to reduce the number of calories they consume, those who are consuming smaller quantities, particularly of delectable food, should refrain from snapping photographs of what they are consuming, according to the findings of researchers.

Be on the lookout for any specific alterations that may occur.