Seven men discuss the kinds of clothes they would want to see their spouses wearing before they go to bed.

Men will always have an opinion on what to wear to bed, even if they say "Anything you want!" To have an intimate night with your partner, you must first know what he wants to see on you. These men responded, "What should your partner wear to bed?"

My girlfriend's choice of an enormous t-shirt is a failsafe for me. That it's a little bit of a bait and switch, I suppose. On top of that, it's really easy. When she wears that shirt, she exudes confidence without even trying.

Authentically attractive women, in my opinion, are those who know and love themselves. As my wife gets into her cozy pajamas for bed, I can't help but admire her self-assurance and ease. I find it rather attractive.

"My girlfriend is masterful at making me lose my mind. She'll strip down to her underwear and approach me in that state. The atmosphere is set in no time at all. For some reason, it always helps!

From the time we were dating, my wife has had a knack for stealing my clothing. My attempts to persuade her to stop taking my clothes have been fruitless. She looks really stunning in my button-down shirts, rolled-up sleeves, and pantsless outfits. I must admit it.

A t-shirt that didn't fit properly belonged to my ex-girlfriend. Even without a bra, I thought it was hot whenever she wore it to bed. How enticing to have a man captivated by such a sight!

Put on this black lace lingerie and tiptoe to bed; that's how my girl gets me in a mood. Whenever I catch a glimpse of her in that, along with her seductive stride, my jaw drops. Excites me, and in what ways!

When a female wears booty shorts to bed, how can a guy possibly resist her? When my girl wears booty shorts in our bedroom, I will be completely absorbed in her every move because of how attractive they are. How scorching!

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