Sean McDermott disliked Josh Allen's risk that ended the first half.

At halftime, the Buffalo Bills were down a score, and it was completely their fault. Most of the responsibility fell on Josh Allen.

Bills coach Sean McDermott was scowling because of an error by Allen toward the conclusion of the first half, even though Allen had two interceptions that went into the end zone.

The Bills continued their drive for a touchdown from the Miami Dolphins' 11-yard line with eleven seconds remaining in the first half in a game that decided the AFC East title. Allen found quarterback Ty Johnson in the flat, but defender Jerome Baker snuffed out his pass at the 1-yard line. Halftime rolled along without a timeout for the Bills. The Dolphins were pleased to take a 14-7 lead into halftime.

NBC's Melissa Stark questioned McDermott as he was leaving the field, and he was irritated because she placed the responsibility on Allen. Tossing it into the playing field is not an option, according to McDermott. "It's got to be thrown in the end zone."

In the first half, that wasn't even Allen's sole gaffe. Allen threw two interceptions on the first two drives for the Bills. One occurred when Eli Apple picked off a pass intended for Gabriel Davis in the end zone after a misunderstanding between Allen and Davis. Also, on fourth-and-2, with no other good options, Allen attempted a forced pass to the end zone, but it was intercepted.

For Stark's sake, "we've got to be smart, take what they're giving us," McDermott said. "He was doing that early, got a bit aggressive, too aggressive at times in the red zone."

You will feel sorrow when you bet on a play that does not result in a score and the half ends due to an interception thrown from the opponent's five-yard line and another from their thirty-five-yard line. Although the Bills' current success is due in large part to quarterback Josh Allen, the team lost a lot of ground in the first half due to three of his errors.

With a late comeback, the Bills prevailed 21-14 to claim first place in the AFC East and the second seed in the conference playoffs.