Robert Saleh doesn't expect "significant" Jets coaching changes.

As of a few of weeks ago, Jets owner Woody Johnson stated that head coach Robert Saleh and General Manager Joe Douglas will continue to serve in their respective positions.

However, when the club finished the season with a victory over the Patriots by a score of 17-3 on Sunday, Johnson's statement did not alter.

This resulted in Saleh holding a news conference on Monday, as he always does, and one of the subjects that was discussed was whether or not he intends to make any significant changes to his staff as he prepares to enter his fourth season in the position

According to Saleh, he does not anticipate any significant movements.

"Evaluation of the personnel is going to take place. Saleh was quoted as saying,

"There are some guys that I'm sure will have opportunities elsewhere, but I'm not anticipating anything significant," according to SNY.

According to Saleh's response, both the offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and the defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich will be returning to their positions. 

 The return of Hackett will not be welcomed with unanimous applause; nevertheless, it will be favorably received by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and that voice is a significant one in the building.