(Part-2) The Warriors' defense is in dire need of a Draymond boost as they continue to spiral.

As far as Kerr was concerned, this was the first and likely last time he had seen anything like this throughout the season. I am familiar with our squad and its members; I know they are competitors, and I know they were ashamed tonight. We need to recover quickly and ensure this doesn't happen again, even if it's par for the course in an 82-game season.

Meanwhile, Draymond Green, the Warriors' top defensive player in the last decade, watched from the bench. On Saturday, Green was able to return to the NBA after having his indefinite ban lifted. However, Green's recovery and readiness to play will most likely take at least one week.

Draymond will be an important part of our team, particularly defensively, according to Trayce Jackson-Davis. I think of him as a connection; he's a big talker. The whole time he was on the sidelines (against Toronto), he was still directing our every move. He's a strong presence in the locker room and an invaluable asset to our club.

If the Warriors want to keep Green from returning to full strength, they'll need to make a change. At the moment, the team's defense is the primary reason why their season is spiraling out of hand.

R.J. Barrett, who has only been a member of the Raptors for a week, scored 37 points against the Warriors on 13-of-20 shooting, tying a career best. The Warriors had no way of defending him.

This is the ninth time in 36 games that an opponent has shot 50 percent or higher against the Warriors, and it happened with the Raptors as a team (58.5 percent, 55 of 94).

The Warriors have limited 17 opposing teams to 115 points or less in their last 36 games. The past five opponents of the Warriors, including Toronto, had points totals of 133, 113, 127, 121, and 122. The Warriors' offence used to be able to take full advantage of that, but that hasn't been the case this season either.

The expectation is that Green will bring the much-needed lift to the defense that has been lacking during his absence when he plays again. Opponents averaged 119.8 points per game in Green's most recent 13-game ban. That, along with the general vibe around the Warriors, ought to shift once Green gets back.

Thompson made it clear that Green's inclusion in the lineup would change the team forever. We can't wait for him to go back on the floor because he is clearly the team's lynchpin and its soulmate. I can't wait to go back out there with Draymond. He will have a significant impact.