(Part-2) If Packers loss ends his Bears QB career, Justin Fields says farewell with emotion.

Fields has some advantages, but Poles may decide that USC's Caleb Williams or North Carolina's Drake Maye offer the Bears more passing potential at the position.

Fields went all-out this season. He recovered from a poor start and gave the Bears hope in a late-season drive to establish he's their future. However, he understands Sunday may be his last game as the Bears' starting quarterback

“I mean, I’m not sure," Fields replied when asked if he was ready to return. That's not my call. I can only control my actions. All my effort. I have no regrets, here or not. "Love you, Chicago. Appreciate the fans and Bears' support, and if this is my last ride, thank you for everything.

Justin Fields, Bears quarterback, left the platform and walked toward the team bus in Lambeau Field. A few Bears supporters screaming, "We Want Fields," rejoiced as he left Lambeau and got on the team bus.

It may be the best way to finish the Fields era in Chicago. He had divisive and fascinating appeal. Sometimes he was amazing. Other times, he was irritating. He was a gifted, raw, young quarterback who conquered NFL fate. His potential inspired optimism, but he was never consistent enough to convince you it had arrived and was here to stay.

The Fields period was nearly wonderfully captured on Sunday. There were protection and play-calling errors. He threw well and missed a touchdown to tight end Cole Kmet before the Packers defense recovered. This was close. It was always. No flag was raised for a late head hit. Only the electrifying escape for a tremendous run was missing.

Sunday, Justin Fields struggled. Hope persisted at Lambeau Field until the Packers' last whistle. Fields was always like that. He was a snap away from drawing everyone in even while he was struggling.

No wonder some Bears supporters waited out in the bitter Wisconsin weather to support a quarterback they feel will lead the Bears to the top. 

That they remained an hour after a terrible offensive performance to praise a quarterback who drained the tank for a team in quarterback hell. For the individual who restored their faith, even if he never fulfilled his pledge. Not yet. He no longer controls whether he can.