(Part-2) How extra weight around the abdomen may aggravate joint problems.

Due to joint pain and discomfort, obesity might impede physical activity. Physical inactivity can worsen joint problems by weakening muscles and stiffening joints.

Obesity impairs joint function and range of motion. Restricted joint mobility can cause pain and hinder daily activities.

Controlling weight is essential for joint health. Weight loss and healthy living can reduce joint discomfort and enhance joint health. A lifestyle change may include:

Regular Exercise: Low-impact workouts like swimming and cycling improve joint function and weight loss.

A balanced diet that aids weight management and delivers joint-health nutrients.

Physical therapy strengthens muscles, improves joint function, and teaches optimal movement patterns.

Medical Intervention: To treat severe weight-related joint disorders, doctors may prescribe drugs or surgery.

Healthcare professionals can analyze and provide individualized weight management and joint health advice for people with joint issues or concerns about excess weight.

Be on the lookout for any specific alterations that may occur.