(Part-1) If Packers loss ends his Bears QB career, Justin Fields says farewell with emotion.

Green Bay Justin Fields left Lambeau Field on Sunday night for an uncertain offseason. All season, the Bears' third-year quarterback has stressed the importance of living in the moment and not thinking about the future. Fields said that if he improved daily and won, everything will fall into place.

After Sunday's season-ending 17-9 loss to the Green Bay Packers, Fields had no game plan or opponent to focus on.nAll that's left is for Bears general manager Ryan Poles to decide whether to keep Fields or trade him and choose a quarterback with the first choice. Fields said he experienced similar uncertainty last offseason when the Bears had the No. 1 selection.

"The thing is, we had the same topics and stuff last year," Fields remarked Sunday after losing. "We had the top choice last year. The same will happen. As mentioned, I control what I can. This offseason, I'll get healthy, spend time with family, and improve. Last year, we had the No. 1 choice, and everyone was wondering, 

"What if?" What if? What if? nothing occurred. We don't know what will happen this offseason. I won't allow potential or what-ifs stop me from enjoying life and living my daily existence."

Fields and the Bears' offense struggled Sunday in Green Bay. Without starting center Lucas Patrick and right guard Nate Davis, Fields was sacked five times and Green Bay had 10 tackles for loss. Fields went 11-for-16 for 148 yards without a score or pick. He ran 27 yards

Fields failed to throw for 200 yards in 19 games in the past two seasons. It was his 12th game in two seasons without 200 passing and running yards.

Fields improved as a passer this season. That's certain. His pocket presence and accuracy improved. When your quarterback throws sub-200, it's hard to win consistently in the NFL. Fields says he's "only getting better" following Sunday's setback. The 24-year-old sensed his improvement this season and feels the best is yet to come in Chicago and abroad.

Fields tried to seal the deal with Poles in the last seven games. By trading the No. 1 selection to the Carolina Panthers last summer, the Bears trusted C.J. Stroud over Bryce Young. If the Bears follow Fields this offseason, they're in it for the long haul.

Fields said it would be significant. "I get along with Ryan and the upstairs guys. Ultimately, this is business. They must make harsh choices. Going out and playing well is my job. It would mean a lot to gain their affirmation and show that they trust me to lead this squad and be the quarterback.”

Fields is 10-28 as a Bears starter. He had no consistency, played on a shattered roster in 2022, and had no skill potential outside of DJ Moore. Fields flourished as a playmaker anyhow. His work ethic and character are exceptional. We love him in Halas Hall. Passing is improving for the arrow.