Jimmy Graham defends Jameis Winston, slams Falcons after questionable late touchdown

Jameis Winston, the tight end for the Saints, made the decision not to kneel down at the conclusion of Sunday's victory over the Falcons.

 Instead, he gave the ball off to running back Jamaal Williams, who scored a touchdown. Jimmy Graham, on the other hand, is standing by Winston.

Graham posted on social media that he wanted everyone to get off Winston's back, despite the fact that the touchdown enraged Arthur Smith, the coach of the Falcons, who was dismissed a few hours later.

Graham remarked of Winston, "This man is the best teammate I've ever had," and he was right. 

The person who epitomizes all that one might want as a leader is someone who adores this city and this game

Was a really unusual occurrence, and we are all responsible for it. It was never anticipated that it would be exaggerated to such an extent. On top of that, f*ck the falcons.

It has been revealed by Saints head coach Dennis Allen that he instructed Winston to kneel down

 and he expressed his displeasure with the fact that the players chose to defy his play call and instead go for Williams to score his first touchdown of the season once more. The Saints players, on the other hand, are not regretful about it.