James: "You said Harden Clippers?" No, the T-Lue Clippers.

The Lakers, led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, finally achieved the hallmark victory they had been hoping for last night. The team played inside-out in the paint, made 3-pointers, guarded well, and bench guys like D'Angelo Russell and Taurean Prince came up big. 

The Lakers' 106-103 victory over the Clippers ended their four-game losing run and 11-game losing skid overall. That lifted LeBron's spirits, and when Clutch Sports' Tomer Azarly inquired about "Harden's Clippers," LeBron delivered a timeless retort.

"Indeed, they shine..." Had you mentioned Harden Clippers? The T-Lue Clippers, James clarified, were the real deal. You are familiar with T-Lue. Making sure s*** is correct doesn't take T-Lue long. His five games were worth it, and ever since then, they've been collaborating.

In case you forgot, when David Blatt was dismissed, LeBron James personally selected Tyronn Lue to take over as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Under Lue's tutelage, the team rallied to defeat the Warriors 3-1 in the NBA Finals and earned a championship. Lue is close to LeBron.

The Clippers are riding high under Lue's tutelage; they are 14–17 after losing on Sunday. Harden has connected with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, and he has increased shooting and passed at a high level to the Clippers.

The Clippers' bench and that dynamic were further altered by Russell Westbrook's request to play the position of sixth man, which increased their danger.

This is why the Lakers' victory over the Clippers, who were led by T-Lue, was significant. Can the Lakers capitalize from here?