In the event that your ex-boyfriend has not stopped chasing you, you ought to send him seven text messages.

Exes may linger like flies. They keep in touch after splitting up. Since you're apart, you can talk or be buddies. Your ex sends bizarre texts while insisting you have nothing in common. Disclose your options and send a farewell SMS if they refuse. These texts provide the ideal closure for ending contact with your ex.

A breakup is unpleasant and typically results in tears. Anything relating to the breakup might bring up sad memories, and ex texts can sting much more. If you haven't digested it and are still depressed, avoid your ex's texts and everything connected.

With this wonderful book, you may question their intentions and understand their thoughts. You can tell your ex you no longer desire your previous life and other scenarios if they keep messaging you.

If your ex has always been compassionate, they may want to check on you. Basic instincts. You must also keep your distance to let the breakup go smoothly without harming each other. If you still care about your ex, stop chatting.

In severe circumstances, communicating to your ex after starting a relationship is immoral. You should inform your ex about your breakup to avoid future conflicts. Good luck with finding love and happiness later.

If your ex admits to ruining the relationship and wants to fix it, that's excellent. However, if you believe it will harm you more, write them this reply. Sure, they'll understand.

If your ex persists in contacting you, be firm in explaining why you don't want to reunite. Set boundaries and avoid ambiguity using clear language.

If your ex keeps contacting you after your repeated attempts to break up, this is the last resort. This is also a good choice if your relationship ended badly. No more worrying about them messaging you back.

Be on the lookout for any specific alterations that may occur.