How extra weight around the abdomen may aggravate joint problems. (Part-1)

Obesity, especially around the abdomen, can worsen musculoskeletal disorders and joint problems. Weight often affects joints as follows:

Extreme load can wear out joints since each pound of human weight exerts many pounds of stress on them.

Degeneration of cartilage, which cushions joints, is a frequent joint ailment called osteoarthritis.

Weight gain is a risk factor for osteoarthritis, especially in weight-bearing joints like the knees and hips.

Active adipose tissue, especially visceral fat, produces inflammatory chemicals. Chronic inflammation from obesity may worsen rheumatoid arthritis and other illnesses.

These changes may cause aberrant joint strains and patellofemoral syndrome or gait changes.

Insulin resistance and obesity may cause joint inflammation. Joint inflammation from high insulin levels can worsen gout.

Excess belly weight might cause lumbar disc herniation. Disc compression and problems may result from increasing spinal disc pressure.

Be on the lookout for any specific alterations that may occur.