Guys discuss the reasons they ghosted someone they had a strong attraction to in the beginning.

Have you ever found yourself in a circumstance where you meet a person, strike up a conversation, and he starts to develop feelings for you—only for him to go without a trace? So, what are our options?

This generation can't seem to get over their fixation on one person and just tell them, "I'm sorry, I'm not interested" or end a relationship. Some males have spoken up about the reasons they ghosted girls they once adored.

When I was in college, I was introduced to a girl through our shared acquaintances, but I never really made an attempt to familiarize myself with her. It wasn't long before we started talking to each other, and we got along very well.

We began spending time together and things were going swimmingly for a few months till she became little bothersome. At some point, I realized that spending time with her was no longer fun for me. So, all of a sudden, I stopped answering to her texts.

My friend introduced me to this cool, average girl, so we traded numbers. We clicked quickly after regular meetings. She giggled as I kissed her farewell at home. I knew nothing. She said "When I met you, I felt good about you and me." Instant sparks connected us. The end. I was unprepared. I stopped answering her calls and messages at home and never saw her again since it scared me."

"I met a married woman with two kids. She told me she was divorced, but I discovered she was lying. She occasionally texted and DMd me on Instagram. I ghosted her because I felt horrible about dating a married lady."

I met this gal one night and loved her immediately. We met that night and had breakfast the next day. I liked her fast. I took her out numerous times and introduced her to my friends. She started acting strangely while drunk. She mocked my friends. I ghosted her after that because I couldn't stand her behavior."

"My partner started acting strangely and distantly. She ended our video calls and calm sessions. Her acquaintance revealed her infidelity. It didn't seem necessary to discuss it with my girlfriend, so I didn't. I ignored her calls and messages."

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