Future Jim Harbaugh: "I just want to enjoy this"

At the news conference following Michigan's 34-13 victory over Washington, the question was sure to be asked of Jim Harbaugh, the team's national champion coach. Want to be the Super Bowl champion?

He only wished to savor the experience, Harbaugh declared. I simply wish to savor this. Maybe you can provide me with it. Is it gay to have that? Will it ever stop being about what's next?

Where do we go from here? Just as I mentioned before, I do want to have some sort of future. I pray that tomorrow comes. Two days from now. A week, a month, or even a year from now.

There is only one more item. I am in love with two people. You all know my favorite coworkers. Everybody on staff, every player, and every coach. Aside from that, there's the affection I feel for my loved ones back at home

As a team, we are honored to share this joyous occasion with those two families. Spectacular, yes. It is such a lovely sight.

Yes, it is. Nevertheless, another day will come. People will be quite worried about his future till he announces where he will be instructing and working in 2024. When asked about what comes next, Harbaugh once again remained mum during his appearance on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt. Having said that, he has stated his intention to postpone spring practice by one month.

Is he going to be in charge of spring practice as the head coach, though? Soon enough, we'll all know.

At least until then, he'll be able to choose. All of them should be explored by him. He need to relish in his accomplishments as well. Also, he has every right to try again for the Super Bowl championship if he so desires.