Do you think it would be beneficial to try to save your relationship? In what ways should one be on the lookout for potential warning signs?

Do you ever feel like your relationship is failing? You dismiss the issue, assuming that's how all partnerships are intended to be. People often give their relationship a chance in hopes of improvement.

True, it's hard to accept that your relationship is broken, but if it's affecting you psychologically and physically, it may be better to end it than keep it. Consider these red flags.

Your spouse should energize you, not exhaust you. Feeling free without your mate is dangerous. When you feel poisonous around someone, you'll only see their flaws. Most will deny it and blame work or fatigue. However, you will sense something is wrong.

Trust is necessary for love. Most couples won't acknowledge they don't trust one other, but their behavior will show otherwise. If your partner monitors who you cat with, becomes jealous of praise, or questions about your whereabouts, beware. Inability to create trust is the beginning of the end.

One partner must apologize for everything if the other is a bully. The experience is unpleasant and rude. Your self-esteem will suffer. This makes you someone else instead of yourself. There's no need to live with them.

If you constantly worry about what to say and how to say it, you're attempting to make someone happy. You fear they'll depart if you don't comply. In this circumstance, let them leave.

People with low self-esteem usually criticize you. If your spouse keeps reminding you of everything they've done for you and how they can simply find a "better" mate, you know you shouldn't be with them.

If you feel this way, this individual isn't appropriate for you. You must discover someone who enjoys your company and reciprocates.

Be on the lookout for any specific alterations that may occur.