Colorado police are investigating Rep. Boebert's alleged confrontation with her ex-husband.

Colorado — Silt, Colorado, police confirmed Sunday that U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and her ex-husband Jayson Boebert got into an argument at a restaurant, and that they are now investigating the incident.

Boebert's campaign issued a statement on Sunday claiming that she "didn't punch Jayson in the face and no one was arrested," however the details surrounding Saturday remain unclear. I want to discuss the baseless accusations he leveled against me with my attorney and weigh my legal alternatives.

While Chief Mike Kite did acknowledge an inquiry, he chose not to divulge any information, such as who had contacted the authorities.

According to Kite, the police intended to interview potential witnesses and get any surveillance footage from the restaurant proprietors. Sundays are off-limits at the Miner's Claim, and no one picked up when I called. One more reason I'm relocating is because this is a sad scenario for everyone, Lauren Boebert added in her statement.

Boebert, a Republican who has represented Colorado's western half for two terms in the House of Representatives, declared on December 27 that she will be running for the seat representing Colorado's eastern half this year, thereby changing her congressional district. Republican U.S. Representative Ken Buck has retired, leaving the seat vacant.

Boebert would have been up against a Democratic opponent in her current district who has significantly outraised her and came close to defeating her in the 2022 general election.

Boebert and another audience member were ejected from a September Denver musical production of "Beetlejuice" because to complaints from patrons that they were disruptive, smoking, singing, and using cell phones. In subsequent statements, she expressed regret.

Boebert went from unknown to nationally recognized in her brief tenure in Washington and has since linked herself with the far right of the Republican Party. She became noted for her forceful personality after she notably interrupted President Joe Biden's 2022 State of the Union speech.